Catch a Cheating Spouse
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How to Tell if Your Wife is Cheating

The hardest part of having suspicions about your wife cheating is dealing with the unknown.  While in most cases you have good reason to believe it is occurring, you simply can’t take any action until you know for sure.  This means you have to monitor their behavior to see just how real the possibility may be.  Here are some things to look for when you suspect your wife is cheating.

Unexplained BehaviorIs Your Wife Cheating?
Depending on how long you have been married, you probably know the normal routines and behaviors of your spouse.  You can sometimes even predict their behavior better than they can.  This is typically where you will begin to notice the signs of cheating.  Perhaps your wife always used to come home by 5:00 pm, but now you never know when she will walk in.  Maybe she used to sit next to you on the couch but now inches away.  These subtle things, when combined across a bigger picture, can be indicators of an affair.

No Answers
One thing that all cheaters have in common is a defense mechanism when approached about an affair.  It is typical for your cheating wife to lash out or act surprised when you bring up the topic of an affair.  You may ask them questions that they reply to with broad answers or no responses at all.  Just remember that they are trying to distract you by making you feel bad for asking.  The truth is that you caught them off-guard and they are stumped for answers.

Random Calls
This is one of the easiest ways to tell if your wife is cheating.  If you notice numerous calls coming at strange times and on a consistent basis then there is probably cause for concern.  Your wife will never answer them in front of you, or she might run off to an isolated room during the call.  It is safe to say as her husband that if she doesn’t want you to hear the call then there is something else going on.  Be persistent in asking who was calling, and make them explain the whole situation.  They will try to please you with one-word answers, but don’t settle for them.

It is not always easy to confront an affair in your marriage, but you must do it in order to move on with your life.  No matter which direction the relationship takes after you find out the truth you will at least have the answers to your questions.  If you are looking for fast answers then you should try adding tracking software to your partner's phone. From there you can monitor phone calls and even track their location by the GPS built-in on most modern phones.